Noble Bedding - SUNJAC Brand (HK)
Excellent Quality Bedding Top Grade

Our honorary products SUNJAC Brand HKnoble quality bedding are made of the jacquard fabrics weaved by the company itself. Because of fashionable colors and designs, new tide package, beautiful jacquard patterns, our top quality bedding have found a ready market in north America and Europe.SUNJAC Brand has become a well-known brand in home textiles line. Meanwhile, several specialty counters have been set up at “YONGAN Department Stores” and “YUHUA Mainland-made Products Department Store” in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the first specialty shop “Shijiamei Home Textiles Specialty Shop”, has been established in Beijing. Welcome all of home textiles distributors to align yourselves with us for best coop and development.

SUNJAC Brand Jacquard fabric bedding as following:

Normal Specification of Bedding Set - 4pc for China Mainland (cm)
    Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet Quilt Cover Pillow Case
40" Single 100x195x28 cm 168x244 cm 150x210 cm 48x74 cm
48" Double 120x195x28 cm 228x260 cm 220x230 cm 50x80 cm
60" Full 150x220x28 cm 254x260 cm 240x220 cm 50x80 cm
72" Queen 180x200x28 cm 274x260 cm 260x240 cm 50x100 cm
80" King 200x200x28 cm 274x260 cm 260x240 cm 50x100 cm

Normal Specification of Bedding Set - 4pc for Hong Kong (inch)
    Quilt Cover Fitted Sheet Pillow Case
SW03-01 Single 60"x90" 36"x75"x12" 19"x29"
SW03-02 Double 72"x90" 48"x75"x12" 19"x29"
SW03-03 Full 80"x90" 54"x75"x12" 19"x29"
SW03-04 Queen 80"x90" 60"x80"x12" 19"x29"
SW03-05 King 96"x90" 72"x80"x12" 19"x29"

Normal Specification of Bedding Set - 4pc for USA (inch)
    Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Pillow Case
SW02-01 Single 73"x97"+4" 40"x76"x12" 21"x31"+4"
SW02-02 Full 89"x97"+4" 55"x76"x15" 21"x31"+4"
SW02-03 Queen 95"x102"+4" 61"x81"x15.5" 21"x31"+4"
SW02-04 King 113"x102"+4" 78"x81"x14.5" 21"x41"+4"
SW02-05 Cal-King 108"x108"+4" 74"x86"x15.5" 21"x41"+4"

Welcome all home textiles distributors to place orders for jacquard fabric bedding of different specifications, patterns and designs.